An estimated $217 million in retail and services leaves West Louisville every year. It’s time to INVEST WEST.

OneWest is a community development corporation focused on the built environment — commercial development growth in West Louisville. We know that kind of investment, coupled with the growth already happening with Heritage West, Passport Health, the YMCA and other projects, will be catalytic in stimulating overall economic growth in this area of Louisville. Beautiful, vibrant structures that house Louisville’s finest restaurants, arts, and cultural events should all be a part of the rich commercial tapestry of West Louisville. OneWest has spent considerable time developing our plans for greater advocacy and capacity building in West Louisville, earning the trust of the community via intentional community engagement and identifying our first commercial development project focus — the 18th Street and West Broadway corridor.

Here’s the question that all Louisvillians ought to ask themselves: How can we be a food city, a health care city, a tech city, a sports city — if one fourth of the city is cut off, disconnected, and segregated? There is an urgency in uplifting our communities here, and we’re asking you, as clearly as we can, to invest in West Louisville.

Louisville’s future depends on purposeful inclusion and investment in West Louisville. OneWest, the people you see on these pages, and many others who share their passion and commitment are committing to be true allies, advocates, and ambassadors of West Louisville.

We believe the Ninth Street Divide is a clear marker for where Louisville should begin to come together as a community. West Louisville needs you. Louisville needs you. Won’t you join us?


Updates from OneWest

Opened in 2015, Organo Gold is a great neighborhood cafe reflecting the culture and values of West Louisville. Organo Gold offers diverse menu where you can get coffee and a home-style meal such as ribs and burgers. Their most prized offering is their organic coffee infused with a 4,000-year-old herb called “Ganoderma Lucidum." This special herb is believed to prevent and regulate many health problems such as rheumatoid arthritis. Committed to being a good neighbor in West Louisville, Organo Gold offers Afro-centric attire and donates a portion of the proceeds help to sponsor schools in Ghana. Located on the first floor of the Anderson Atrium building, 2001 West Broadway. Stop in today! ... See MoreSee Less

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